About Us

Riverside Cookie Shoppe owner Nikki Wyrick loves the challenge of making the perfect cookie.  “As a child, I was obsessed with my Easy Bake Oven and my Betty Crocker cookbook!” she recalls. It was the start of a joy for baking that ultimately led her to open Riverside Cookie Shoppe. “In 2012, I thought it would be great to put cookies into cute packaging with a logo and sell them,” she says. The idea took off and when a local bakery came up for sale, she plunged in. While her bakery first included pastries, cinnamon rolls and other delights, Nikki says the cookies started taking over. “Everything else took a backseat because I spent all my time making cookie dough to keep up with demand!” she says. Word quickly spread of the homemade, baked-from-scratch cookies. Today, Riverside Cookie Shoppe offers more than 20 varieties of specialty cookies, all proprietary recipes that make each cookie unique and delectable.

What is it that makes Riverside Cookie Shoppe cookies so irresistible? Besides the baked-at-home feeling when you walk into the bakery, it’s the simplicity of each cookie that makes them special. Nikki’s cookies are the perfect size and texture. “I’m very passionate about creating the perfect cookie,” says Nikki. “So much is overdone these days, there’s something special about a cookie that’s just the right size, texture, and offers layers of flavor that you don’t expect. Plus, how fun is it to be able to enjoy more flavors if you can have 2 or 3 cookies instead of one big one?”

From platters for family gatherings or work parties to everyday gifts, Riverside Cookie Shoppe is the go-to place for delightful cookies. The inviting atmosphere and elegant display of cookies make it easy to stop in; the hard part is choosing which cookies to try! Nikki and her staff (pictured above) bake in small batches throughout the day so you can be assured something will always be fresh out of the oven when you visit.  Try Riverside Cookie Shoppe today and share in the appreciation of the perfect cookie.